Fast Freight

Sea & Air Freight Management is made Easy with ABS FastFreight

Freight Management System (ABS–FAST FREIGHT)

‘Fast Freight’ is a total package that will handle all the operations involved in Freight forwarding. ‘Fast Freight’ enables the user to handle all the operations related sea/air import and export in a computerized environment where the user will be benefitted by easy and user-friendly interfaces and fast access to information.

Key Modules covered under “Fast Freight” Freight Management System

  1. Sea Export Module: Freight Manifest, HBL, HBL Instruction, Pre Alert, MBL Instruction, Amended MBL Instruction, Invoice, Debit Note, Credit Note, Payment Advice, POD & Job wise Costing Sheet.
  2. Sea Import Module: Cover Page, Cargo Manifest, Freight Manifest, Delivery Order (Actual Consignee / Notify Party), Cargo Arrival Notice (Actual Consignee / Notify Party), Invoice, Debit Note, Credit Note, Payment Advice, EDI file transfer to eservices, POD & Job wise Costing Sheet.
  3. Air Export Module: Air Cargo Manifest, Freight Manifest, HAWB, MAWB, Invoice, Debit Note, Credit Note, Payment Advice, POD & Job wise Costing Sheet.
  4. Air Import Module: Freight Manifest, Invoice, Debit Note, Credit Note, Payment Advice, POD & Job wise Costing Sheet.
  5. Debtor Module: Receipt, Cheque Return Entry, Debtors Statement, Debtors Age Analysis, Transaction Listing, Customer Summery, Vat Payable, Settlements
  6. Creditor Module: Payment, Cheque Return Entry, Creditor Statement, Creditor Age Analysis, Transaction Listing, Creditor Summery, Vat Payable, Settlements
  7. Management Module: Tonnage Report, Revenue Statement, HBL / HAWB wise Revenue Statement, Job Status Report

Key features of the standard Freight Management System

  1. The four numbers of core modular (Air Inward, Air Outward, Sea Inward and Sea Outward) design allows users to install the necessary modules as per the business functions
  2. Emailing  reports from the Fast Fright
  3. Ability to generate various reports from Fast Fright
  4. All necessary reports could be printed as per multiple pre-printed document formats (Example:  House Airway Bill, House Bill Loading, Delivery Order, Etc.)
  5. Friendly Graphical user Interface.
  6. Share information over a network with different levels of accessibility
  7. Integrated with the Accounting system (Optional)
  8. Job register for all departments
  9. Cost sheets are integrated with the Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable Modules.
  10. Security console that ensures user level security allocations
  11. Ability to restrict/ allow access rights to different User Levels and Menu Levels.
  12. Multi-currency facility
  13. Updating of shipment status (POD)
  14. Key Performance Indicators (KPI) for user efficiencies and reporting
  15. Credit controlling option for Customers and Agents
  16. Maintenance of Sales Records
  17. Ability to track and trace events in the database

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